Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza drew over 35 peace activists to the Bangor office of Rep. Jared Golden on Saturday February 3, 2024.

The Maine Coalition for Palestine joined with others including the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, Waldo County Peace and Justice and Pax Christi Maine in a nonviolent action to protest the slaughter of over 27,000 Palestinian people thus far by Israeli military forces since October 7th.

On January 27th, The International Court of Justice ordered that “Israel must do everything in its power to prevent genocidal acts against Gazans” however the death and destruction continues. Humanitarian aid for Gaza has now also been suspended. Rep. Golden continues to support Israel’s military response in Gaza.

Pope Francis calls attacks on civilians in Gaza and Ukraine war crimes, “In a context where it appears that the distinction between military and civil objectives is no longer respected, there is no conflict that does not end in some way indiscriminately striking the civilian population.” Calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza resound around the world.

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