Lenten Vigil for Disarmament at Bath Iron Works – February to April 2021

Our good friends, Maureen & George Ostensen from Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm in Hope host this important witness each year during Lent and Advent. People of faith and conscience come together to say ‘NO’ to the continued building of nuclear armed weapons of mass destruction at Bath Iron Works. For many years, demonstrators at BIW have emphasized that General Dynamics could CONVERT their production efforts from the building of Aegis destroyers to clean energy products utilizing solar, water, wind and other renewable energy sources to build products for the common good that would improve life for all.

Maureen shares, “These warships are nuclear capable and launch precision guided cruise missiles which kill indiscriminately. This constitutes a Crime Against Humanity and a Crime Against Peace. The continued production of these warships violates the spirit of the disarmament treaties, that if honored, could begin the healing of Mother Earth.”

Pax Christi Maine members, Mary Kate Small & Mary Ellen Quinn were joined by Mary Beth Sullivan at BIW on Saturday, March 27, 2021. There were 20 people from all areas of Maine participating in the vigil. Photo credit: Julia Smucker

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